Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nice Norway

I'm in the lovely country that is Norway at the moment. I came here today to do a little meet. In my last blog I mentioned that I had been sick but I didn't go into it too much. Well I was very sick last week I spent alot of time in bed and ended up on antibiotics that I'm actually still taking. Plus I lost a couple of kilo's from not being able to eat, which is great news for skinny jeans but not so great for sprint hurdles! This trip was a bit of a make or break one for me because I needed to see how much my body had been hit by last week and if I was responding badly to the antibiotics. Basically if I ran crap I would have needed to reconsider Doha. In the heat I ran 8.06 to win and in the final I ran 8.00 for second. A big season's best! I'm disappointed not to have won but I'm happy with the progress. I knew when Christina (Vukecevic Norweigan girl) was running that she was in good shape and ready to race fast so I think that was a little nerve wrecking being here and still on antibiotics. But all in all it has been a good day.
The only bad part was that Ailis missed the standard for worlds. She ran 7.44 and needed 7.37. She is in good shape and I think she was definitely running well enough to get it but it just did not happen. That's athletics I guess, now it's on to bigger and better things for her at European outdoors.
I need to go now and get ready to come home (I miss my puppy). One more meet pre Doha and then it will be time to get ready to run fast.
On another note Norway is a great country to come too, the people are so lovely and helpful. It is gorgeous at this time of year with all the snow. Facilities are awesome.
Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Training and almost 100% healthy..

Back training now which is great. I'm still on antibiotics so feeling a bit tired but training well. Had a great time today sprinting with Ailis. I need to be getting fast on the flat for my hurdles so it's super to have A. After sprints with her I did a good few hurdle runs. It was good and I'm looking forward to the next few days. In real race mode at the moment. Watching all my food and trying my best to recover really well.
My lovely puppy has taken to digging in the garden and now spends a lot of time out there digging away. I'm not sure where she is trying to go but I admire her perseverance.
Bye for now...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Just watched David Gillick win the Birmingham grand prix. He ran absolutely amazing. Gilly is a world class athlete and he showed today in Birmingham all the reasons why. 45.52 in his first race! Go Gilly. My prediction is that Gilly is going to win the world indoors in a new Irish record.
Now that makes me wanna get my bum back on the track running......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Off work Sick

Hi People

This week has been a little bit tough. I did a really good training session on Tuesday. We do testing sometimes and on Tuesday evening I did standing long jump test. I jumped a big p.b further than I've ever gone before. My previous mark was set in 2006 so I was very happy. Then I did a long hurdles session. After this I went home and started to feel a bit sick. Unfortunately I ended up spending the past 3 days in bed and just being really sick. I saw the Doctor and he reckons I had a viral infection that came on and took three days for me to start to feel better. Just to cover me from this dragging out I've also been put on antibiotics. What a pain!! But that's life and there is no point in me feeling too sorry for myself. Just have to build myself back up and go race next week.

I'm gutted that I will be missing Birmingham grand prix but I need to be careful with my health. I'm an asthmatic and I think because of that with the combination of training in a freezing cold facility sometimes I just get unlucky and get sick. It's my choice to train in Ireland so unfortunately the weather affects me a bit more than if I trained in a heated centre somewhere abroad.

In other news the sports council grants were announced this week. I was put in the highest bracket of contracted. Being a contracted athlete is huge for me and having being upgraded from world class is great. There are three of us contracted me, Olive Loughnane and David Gillick. There are different criteria for funding and there are also special case criteria. Most of the athletes in the different categories are given their funding on the special case basis because I think athletics is so competitive and has a lot of depth so it's hard to judge an athlete on stringent criteria. I'm delighted to have contracted funding and hopefully it results in some nice shiny medals. I was due to be at the announcement of this but being so sick kept me in bed.

On a random note because I have been stuck in the house I've seen a lot of the winter Olympics. I was so impressed by a girl called Lindsey Vonn, she is an amazing skier. She was the favourite for gold in the downhill but got injured right before the games yet she was able to win. She was so happy and nice when she won, I really enjoyed watching her.

I'm off for another early night and try to fully recover.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nice People and a little confession...

Good Morning All!

Firstly I'm going to mention some nice people because it's important to be nice and sometimes people are just nice. Last weekend I ran in the AAA's aka the British championships. If at all possible I always try to fly home straight after a meet (normally I'm in the gym the next morning after a race so I need to get back plus I love sleeping in my own bed!) My race was at 4 p.m and I had a flight booked at 7.10 pm in an airport that was just over an hour away. It was very optimistic that I would make the flight but if all went to plan I would. But then after the race I got called to drug testing, lets be honest this was not in the plan. It takes me ages to pee under pressure but the lady who was my drug tester was super nice. Her name was Liz and she reminded me of a cute grandmother. I explained the whole flight thing to her. She was trying to do everything possible to help me pee fast and get home. She called me petal the whole time and got me coffee to help me go. Then there were loads of other athletes in drug testing and she organised for me to skip the queue. What a lovely lady.

Then it was jump in the car and go go go to get to the airport. In the car I realised that I was definitely going to be late the flight was due to take off at 7.10 and I knew I would get there just after 6.30. I rang Manchester airport and got put through to the Aerlingus desk. I explained to the lady on check in about being late and that I only had hand luggage so if there was anyway she could help me out that would be great. She said she would see what she could do but just hurry. Arrived at 6.40 and thought no chance but ran to the desk and there was the lady with the boarding pass all printed out. The Aerlingus lady was so good to do this, she could have easily have told me that the flight was closed. So a big thank you to lovely aerlingus lady.

Throughout last weekend I had one of the nicest people of all with me Mrs. Terrie Cahill. Terrie coaches me with Sean and is always so nice and fun to have around. Her and Sean have three kids and yet they make all this time to help me. During all the drama of drug testing and trying to get to the airport Terrie was great. She drove the car and she was really patient when I was in testing. Especially considering she had three kids at home who thought she was getting home before their bedtime and if she missed the flight it would have been a disaster!

Now on to the confession. I came home from the U.K and was really tired but could not fall asleep. Eventually I took a sleeping tablet. After taking it I was on my i-phone and decided to do a little blog. I started to get really sleepy doing the blog (the sleeping tablet kicking in) and I think I just barely kept my eyes open when I finished the blog. Hence the blog was rather sleepy and had loads of spelling mistakes. Oooops

That's all for now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to the I can't sleep blog

Hi readers I'm using I phone so it's gonna be bullet points here goes
*won aaas in 8.11, must be much better but it will be plus don't knock winning
*had terrie cahill with me for wkd, super fun & rocks as coach
*almost missed flight cos drug testing. Made only bcos of kind lady in aerlingus
*recovery snack & only available food=snickers (don't judge)
*wore anna's shorts and terries socks racing
*returned home to a chicken dinner, a buch of flowers, acuddly dog and a gogeous boyfriend
*all in all excellent day

sleep is calling
dor xoxo

Friday, February 12, 2010

Berlino update

It has been ages since I've mentioned the gorgeous dog so here are a few random things about her as of late:
*Likes to drag her bed all around the kitchen and wrestle it
*Has a love of knickers and bras, ability to chew through them.
*Has discovered people food is much more tasty than her own puppy food, goes on hunger strike in search of steak
*Will be-friend any dog- big/small/old/young and will be completely baffled when all dog's won't play
*She will only permit you brushing her if you tell her the whole time that she is pretty
*Her hero is a labrador by the name of Malin
*She has an odd fascination with mandarin oranges and will spend ages playing with one
*Does not like cats
*She loves the track and runs in the lane next to me
*She consider's Peter her boss and me just some eejit that gives her what she wants
*Her preferred sports are athletics and sailing.
*She is currently weighing in at 7.4 kilo's!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ten national titles!!!

I survived my first race of the season. I won nationals in 8.18 which is very average time wise but it is job done and a good starting point. Before yesterday I asked Sean what he would be happy with and he claimed anything under 8.3 would be good and anything under 8.10 would be some kind of miracle considering the lack of hurdles. I'm not a natural hurdler I have to work hard at being efficient over them so I have lots of work to do. After the race there was lots of press to talk too and then I got dragged off to drug testing. Because of this I didn't get to speak to Sean until late last night. He concluded that it was a good start but that I was hurdling badly, he did point out that I ran exactly the world indoor qualifier and that considering this I need to be happy. On top of this it was my tenth national title which is a nice little stat. I've always thought nationals was a really important competition so to have won it ten times is very nice.
The worst part of yesterday was drug testing, I did not need to pee at all and ended up taking two hours to go. The only saving grace was that Kelly Propor was stuck in drug testing with me so at least it was a bit of a laugh. I think Propor is great craic and she is an awesome athlete. Eventually we both were able to pee and got to leave.

I gotta go now as I need to be in the gym in a half hour.

Bye for now,

PS Hope you like the photo. It is from an ad campaign that I did for Trocaire. It is for the Trocaire fast this year. The whole idea is that you can give up anything for a day. I'm giving up the internet because I spend ages online fecking about most days! I guess no blogging that day...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting close to time to roll...

Hey all,
Well it's getting close to time for me to race in the Odyssey in the Irish national championships. Yesterday myself and Paul Hession did an athletics Ireland photocall and chatted to some press about how we are feeling for the weekends action. It was good fun, it's always good to hang out with the Hess and find out all the news with him. The same people report on athletics every year so it's not too much stress to chat to the reporters. It was nothing too tough just a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat really! I think the best question I got asked was "What have you been getting up too when you're not training?" my answer "cooking and baking!". I'm sure the reporter wanted something far more exciting but that's the truth.
Training over the hurdles has gone from terrible to Ok to fine to crap to good during all my sessions this week. When I run well I feel good but my rhythm over the hurdles is way off because I haven't been able to practice much. All in all it's very rusty but I need to just throw myself into a race.
That's all for now,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

new job....

I officially have a new job. I'm writing a regular column for the evening Echo in Cork. It's basically a diary about everything that's going on in my world. It's fairly similar to blogging online. I'm excited about it because Cork is my home town. No matter how long I've been away from Cork I always consider it my home and my plan is to live there when I eventually hang up my spikes. I think it's important to know your roots and when you're born and bred in Cork you are always a Cork girl.
Gotta go and write my piece....
Bye for now

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Talent=Rocky road cake

Last time I blogged I was talking about our group dinner. I was on dessert and decided to have a major chocolate theme, who doesn't like chocolate???? The dessert went down very well. I baked chocolate brownies and rocky road cake. Ailis did a prawn salad starter and Anna did a beef curry type main course, all very very nice. My boyfriend was going away for the weekend cycling and wanted to bring some rocky road. He was doing crazy cycling mileage (90mile cycle on the Saturday) and figured that him and all the other lads deserved to have rocky road cake after their cycle. Off I went making more and gave it to him. Now all the lads that he was cycling with (most of whom train in my gym in sportsmed) think that my actual talent lies in the kitchen not on the track. Who would have thought???!!! I wonder if they will give me a gold medal in Doha for cake making ability...I hope so.
In the world of running, it is going well. I'm back running over hurdles in spikes. It's good to be doing it but I feel very rusty. The last time I was hurdling properly was last September. I hurt my calf just when I was due to start hurdling which has meant that I only started yesterday. My plan is to race in the Odyssey next weekend over the hurdles. This is fairly ambitious considering the lack of hurdles sessions but I figure I need to throw myself in at the deep end and just race. What's the worst that can happen????
Thats all for now...