Sunday, May 23, 2010

200m race

Today I raced a 200m race. It was the first time in ages and ages and ages. I ran a big personal best for me 23.71. It's bittersweet as a result. I'm happy because a p.b is a p.b and you must always take the good days but I'm certain if I ran it again I would smash it! I trained right up to the race and took it as a fun experiment rather than a big serious race.
I ran at a meet in Loughborough university. I was a guest in the a race. I was in lane 2 (my lack of pervious 200m's didnt give me any credibility for a good lane) I found it super tight and had to work really hard to stay with the girls around the bend. Then I ran great off the bend and was pretty much leading until the last bit. The lactic hit me and I slowed a lot. I really think with one done I would run it much better the next time. The race was won by Laura Turner in 23.48.

I'm really happy that I did it but I just want to do it again. Let me back out there!!! I'm dying to do another one. I swear I've got more in these little legs.
It was so much fun to take on a completely different challenge and if I gave it time I think I could do well at the 200m. But alas the hurdles are my baby and everything has to be geared for them. The plan now is to do a couple of 100m races (maybe another 2 if possible) before I start to race over hurdles. Get the speed up and that should help the hurdles.

On a side note Kelly Propor ran a p.b in the b race in 23.68. So well done to her (obviously jealous that her time is faster!) I like to see the PROP doing well.

Flew home this evening and am tucked up in bed.
Sleeping tablet taken, blog done, sleepy time zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time trial day

Today was a weird day. I was scheduled to have a time trial day which meant running 2 x 150m timed. This is timed through speed gates because that way it is fairly accurate and I know exactly where I stand. I hate hand timing because it can be so far off (the amount of people who run savage fast hand times but yet race slow is kinda high!), I don't mind for sessions but for accuracy you need the gates.
Session was at 4. I had a crappy day leading up to it. I had to deal with a couple of non running things and they were kinda upsetting so it meant I was stressed. I ate barely anything and just turned up at the track without a lot of hope for my time trials. Unfortunately I can't control the world so occassionally things will happen that knock me a little.
Yet I surprised myself. It went well. Now I'm not gonna say amazing because I have covered 15o a tiny bit faster but I've never done this session in May I normally do this in late June/July so you would expect me to have more speed in my legs by then. Last year I did it in July a few weeks before worlds. Today I was 2 tenths slower than what I was that day. All in all very happy with my effort.
My plan since indoors has been to do some sprinting before I start to hurdle and that is still the plan. I'm excited but nervous about sprinting. I plan on doing a 200m and then a 100m. I haven't raced a proper 200m since 2001!!! That's a loooooonnnnnggggg time. Sometimes it's good to be out of the comfort zone and for me to have to do different things so I'm kinda anxiously excited. I hope to run well but it's really important for me to enjoy racing without any expectations.
In other news team Cahill has taken a bit of a hit recently. Sean (who is 50% of our coaching team) has completely torn his calf which means that Terrie is our coach full time right now. Sean is trying to rest and recover. I feel so bad for him because he has a boot up to his knee and crutches, he is in loads of pain. Plus I think he is probably a bit annoyed that he can't come training. But on the positive Terrie is an excellent coach and we are very lucky to have her so I'm delighted having her take my sessions.
Went for a nice post time trial dinner with Peter and Colla (housemate) in rathmines in a place called Jo Burger. It was very tasty. Lamb burger in a wrap with salad. Yum.
I'm off to sleep now. My calves are aching after my little training test. Time for zzzzzzzzzzz....
Night night...
Derv x

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The blog of nothingness

Hi People,
I really don't have anything exciting to report so hence the lack of blogging. All is good with me. Cracking on with the sessions and relatively happy. Trying to organise my racing schedule at the moment so I'll blog updates on that.
Off to the park to walk the dog...
D x x x

Friday, May 7, 2010

End of the week..

I'm glad the week is coming to an end. Mainly because I have an exam tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to getting it finished. The exam is business law and I'm cramming a lot to try to remember it. As usual I have left everything until the last minute so now I'm under pressure. Still training goes on and it's a great distraction from contract law/company law/tort law.... (I know yawn yawn yawn) I was doing hurdles a bit more this week. Plus I was running with Ailis and Anna on the flat so training was really enjoyable. I'm starting to feel a little bit faster which is nice.
I also had another visit to the doctor this week. I am getting a little bit of nerve pain in my hamstring so the plan is to put loads of needles in my bum and back once a week for the next few weeks. I find that getting deep needling helps me heaps, only downside is my hatred of needles and all the pain they cause.
This week Mark (weights coach) is on holiday so the lovely Ciara Peelo (she sailed in the beijing olympics) was my official weights coach for the week. She did a good job. Here are a couple of videos of some of the stuff today. I only took a couple because lets be honest these videos make me look FUGLY!!!!!!
Enough blogging now I need to go back to the cramming....

video video

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Cully and Sully,

Could you please re stock the chicken and vegetable soup in the shops. Everytime I have gone to the shop for your very delicious soup it has been out of stock. There are lots of other flavors but lets be honest nothing can match the chicken and vegetable. I did buy the pea and mint out of panic at the lack of chicken and vegetable but I'm confident it won't be anywhere near as yummy.
So please please please please please make some more in your little cully and sully kitchen.
Warm Wishes,
Derval O' Rourke

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The weekend

I had a really good time in Cork at the weekend. A lot of the weekend revolved around watching rugby matches because Munster, Leinster and Connaught were all playing. Unfortunately all three lost. How crap is that???!!! Gutted about Munster to be honest.

Sometimes I have moments where I realise that being an athlete is very different to doing a normal job. For example last Saturday morning at 6 a.m I woke up in a complete panic because I had forgotten to tell the drug testers that I was in Cork (The drug testers have to know where us athletes are for 1 hour everyday all year long, Even Christmas day!) I grabbed my i phone and texted them an update and then fell back to sleep (for me they have to know where I am at 8 a.m each day). An hour later I got a text on my phone from Terrie saying "Derval todays session is......" My point being bank holiday weekend is not exactly a get away form it all and relax weekend in my world. But I would hate not to be training so I can't complain too much.

My session on Saturday was good. I brought my Dad to the track and he kept me company during the recovery time between runs. I am starting to run a little faster now which is nice. Sunday was a rest day and then weights on Monday.

Berlino had a great time in Cork, I think she is possibly the most popular dog in Cork! Everyone just wants to take her for walks and mind her. Peter, my sister and I brought her to the beach with her Cork cousin Malin on Sunday and she loved it. She kept running in and out of the freezing water. (if you are very bored I've attached a video of her little adventure)

Back in Dublin now. Today I have a session over hurdles which I'm excited about. I have been doing a lot of flat running so it's good to be getting some hurdles in now. Running without hurdles just is not the same buzz as running with them. Plus it's good to be back with Team Cahill, it's boring doing sessions without everyone around.

Hope everyone is good and minding themselves.

Derval video