Friday, July 23, 2010

Bye bye Mac and fupp you clampers!!!

It's official the Mac has died. So sad my poor little Mac. I loved that Mac but hopefully the Mac has gone to a better place. A place with really fast internet speed and loads of other pretty Mac friends.
Using a borrowed laptop at the moment so this is gonna be a quick blog. Outside of the death of my Mac another unfortunate incident occured. Myself and Peter went for a wander into town last night to shop for a shiny new Mac. A few problems occured. Firstly the Mac shop was closed (Dear Compub if you say on your website that you are open until 9 p.m on a Thursday maybe actually stay open) This made us a little vexed. Peter is not really a fan of shopping/shops/city centre. He is more of a wide open spaces kind of person. So me and Peter were now both vexed. We got over our joint vexed state by going for dinner. Went to a place called Soho which was very nice but then the next problem struck. CLAMPED!!!!!!!! The stupid car got clamped. Sometimes I HATE DUBLIN!!!! This was one of those moments. We thought we were parked in a place that was fine after 7 p.m but alas no since the last time we parked here they have zoned it as a taxi zone which resulted in a big dirty clamp being put on the car. It cost 80 euro to get the clamp off. I wanted to rip the clampers head off but sometimes silence is the best option so neither Peter or I said a word.
I'm back in the safety of my house now and the plan is to avoid town and late night shopping from here on out.
I love to cook so tonight I'm making king prawns for starter and stuffed seabass with cous cous for main course. I think this is a safer option than eating out in Dublin. I'm pretty confident that the car cannot get clamped in the driveway and no one will charge us 80 euro in the comfort of our own home.
On the training front (probably the reason your reading the blog) all is good. I was really tired at the start of the week so actually rested a bit and did a lovely session yesterday. I was running over the hurdles with Ailis and Ian running on the flat. It's good to run against them even if they kick my butt! It's nice to try to stay as close to them as possible. Alas though I'm not about to drop an 11.40 in the 100 hurdles!
ok gotta get off the computer.
Bye for now.
Derval x

Monday, July 19, 2010

Season's best, Mac breakdown and Travel

I gotta be quick because I'm using a computer in the airport. I ran a S.B last night. 12.96. Nothing at all to write home about and the night just kinda felt like a bit of a training session. Bit flat and slow. But lets look at the glass half full. It's sub 13. You know the rule...
I'm suffering from major depression regarding the love of my life. My Mac book has died. I'm not sure if it's completely dead but it is flashing up a scary icon and won't turn on. I'm bringing it to a friend of Peter's to try fix it tomorrow so fingers crossed. Worst case scenario it's totally dead and all my thesis work is lost (note I have not really gone to that place in my head for fear of full breakdown) best case scenario it's just a bit sick and can be saved. Either way I have no laptop at the moment so there is gonna be a distinct lack of blogging. Apologies in advance. Please don't feel abandoned blog readers I am just having technical difficulties!
I'm travelling home at the moment. Stuck in east midlands airport. It's taking two flights to get back to Dublin. I'm looking forward to just getting the last few bits of training down and being in my own house for a few days before Barcelona.
Time running out on machine.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm so excited right now that I could burst. Ailis McSweeney broke the Irish 100m record tonight. 11.40 the fastest Irish woman ever! A and I are training partners so I know how hard she works and how much she deserved for this to happen. Plus she is a complete dote! Sometimes amazing things happen to great people and its just really really really exciting.
A few points about Ailis the new Irish record holder:
*She qualified as a solicitor a few months ago (fast and smart)
*She broke the longest standing Irish record, 32 years!
*She had not run a personal best since 2005 (perseverance)
*Terrie and Sean Cahill are her coaches
*If someone was to play her in a film it would be Reese Witherspoon.

What a great result. Plus I think she will go even faster. Once again so exciting!!!!!!


Officially cranky

I got a little bit cranky last night and today. I ran the nationals and won which in itself was lovely. It was my 8th title. I don't keep count so it was a surprise when they announced it. Honestly I really don't do stats. But the aforementioned cranki-ness was cause by the clock. Again 13..........
My lovely boyfriend is not involved in athletics so we have a simple rule. It goes like this 12 something is good 13 something is annoying! For him in his racing (Olympic sailing star class) the rule that I live by is single digits are good (i.e 1,2,3 etc placed finishes) but double digits are not so good.
I think I'm gonna need to start explaining the rule to the stupid clock. Plus I also need to tell the clock other relevant points such as me currently being in shape and 13 something being an unfair reflection. You see the clock that is taunting me does not take into consideration head winds, how competitive the race is, falling over, getting dq'd, wind that is .1 over legal limit etc etc. It just throws out a time with no thought whatsoever for my feelings.
I think it's time for me to take the power back and start to ignore the clock. No more me making an effort with it and looking too it for compliments at the end of a race. In my next race I am doing it my way. No sneaky look to the left at the clock at the end. I will simply do my own thing and saunter off the track with a big smile on my face.
Clock you are not the boss I am.
P.S the two pictures are from the Irish nationals. The girl on my left is Mairead Murphy and on my right is Sandra Lawlor.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh dear..

What can I say tonight I false started and got DQ'd from the race.I have no excuses and it was a crap stupid thing to do. I hold my hand up for my mistake. Idiotic. But in my defense I have NEVER got DQ'd before in my life. In the season of first times for everything this is definitely a first. Plus a bad one at that.
On the positives all the rest of the crew ran great. Gilly got athlete of the meet. Happy for them but disappointed for me.
As Sean said on the phone "F**k it s**t happens move on!" Apologies for the swearing but it is the blog of honesty.......
Wounded but not slain.....


Hey People,
Sitting here in my hotel room in Barcelona. I'm rooming with Fionnuala Britton. We just had a little visit with David Gillick and Thomas Chamney (room 407 if anyone feels the urge to visit them!)
So guess what? Today is Gilly's birthday!!!! We never realised until a few minutes ago and in the absence of a gift I figured surely a blog dedicated to him would be a good substitute for a gift. Happy birthday Gilly!
We are all here for the small matter of a little meet. The cool thing is that we are all running straight after each other. It goes Gillick, Chamney, Me then Finn. That has to be a good sign????
The usual race day nerves are kicking in but the sun is shining so I better get my butt on the track and enjoy it.
Fingers crossed and all positive thoughts at 8 o clock Irish time are much appreciated.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Needles, needles lots of needles

One of the treatments I get is dry needling. One of the physio's from sportsmed called Ruth Mills does it. She called over to my house last night to do loads of needling on me. It was torture!!! My hamstring is kinda tight and because of that Ruth put needles in my back, bum and hamstring. Yuck what a horrible way to spend the evening. Throughout this whole treatment Berlino just slept under the physio bed, clearly being a guard dog is not her thing!
Today I was doing a little bit of running. Some sprints at about 70% nice and relaxed working on technique. It's nice to have those sessions every now and then when I'm just running relaxed and concentrating on the running without hurdles.
I'm off to Barcelona this Thursday to run which is exciting. The meet is on in the same stadium as Europeans so I can't wait to go and check the place out.
Thats all for now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

-4.5 Not so much

What can I say in this blog. It's been one of those weeks when all the things that I have no power over happens. I ended up missing a connecting flight on Thursday. It was a loooong day. I was up at 5.30 a.m and ended up eventually getting back to Ireland at 11.30 p.m.
Yesterday was race day in Cork. The hurdles race had some very fast girls. It's kinda the way things work in Cork. For some reason the race organisers feel the need to bring some of the worlds best hurdlers for me to race. I do wish that the standard was the same in every other event but it's not. I've never won a hurdles race at this meet. But I'm pretty content to keep running my best at championships and not worry about it.
I ended up third but it was kinda pointless. The wind was -4.5 which in terms of sprinting is a disaster. It makes it very hard to run fast and its tough to get much out of a race like that.
Back in Dublin now and ready to crack on with the next week.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A day in the life of an athlete

So loads of people think it sounds like a really fun and exciting thing to be an athlete. For example recently my sister informed me that she doesn't think I have a real job because at 9 a.m I don't have to be anywhere and I've got loads of freedom. So in an effort to explain what its like to be an athlete in the middle of the season here is my day today:

5.30 a.m.- Wake up call from reception in hotel in Patras Greece (Get a bit irritated when I remember that I ran 13.1 and not faster!!!!!). Inspect my cuts that are healing but still need lots cream and some bandages.
6 a.m- Try to eat some breakfast despite the ridiculously early hour. Lots of other athletes at breakfast too discussion about early hour is the topic.
6.30 a.m- Get on bus for 3 hour bus journey to Athens airport (put on funny looking tiger eye mask and go to sleep for bus trip, sleeping in random places is one of my talents)
9.30 a.m- Arrive at airport and try to figure out what to do for the next 5 hours before flight. Decide to go to airport hotel and try to get online/relax/time waste
10.30 a.m- Phone call with Ailis (training partner), she raced her fastest race in 5 years last night in Belgium so we chat all about her race, my race with no falls and the fact that I'm here 5 hours early for my flight.
11 a.m- Phone call with boyfriend who has been trying to change my connecting flight back to Dublin instead of Cork. I have a little bit of a tight hip and would like to see my physio before Saturday race instead of the plan of going directly to Cork. He informs me the change of flight will be 270 euro. Decision to just go to Cork and try to see someone there instead is made!
12 noon- Bored bored bored.......
12.40 p.m-Hooray check in for flight is finally open.
2.40 p.m- Fly Athens to Gatwick
4.40 p.m- Arrive Gatwick and get a bit irritated at aerlingus for wanting to charge 270 euro to change a flight perhaps even give random aerlingus people dirty looks (I'm aware its irrational!)
5.00 p.m-More time wasting but this time in Gatwick.
6.40 p.m- Get flight to Cork (still a bit vexed about not getting flight to Dublin)
8 p.m- Arrive in Cork
9 p.m- Try to see someone to loosen out hip
10 p.m- Home to parents
11 p.m- Bed time.......

There you go. That is my day. Exciting? Not so much. But hey it's better than being at a desk at 9 a.m!

Bye for now
Derv xox