Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry sorry sorry

I haven't blogged in a while so all I can say is sorry. I was in the real world and blogging wasn't my priority. Somethings don't belong in a blog. So moving on.

I'm starting to get ready to race. It's exciting because I never really got to do an indoor season last year so getting to run this indoors is a bit more special. My very lovely and fast training partner Ailis opened her indoor season last night. Guess what??? She ran a p.b first race out! Check that out for an opener 7.34. The Irish indoor record is 7.30 which I think is very doable (Apologies to my buddy Anna Boyle who is the record holder!) It is exciting times ahead over the next few weeks.

I was down in Cork today for the evening echo sports woman of the year awards. I'm delighted to report that I won. It's nice to win something at home in the peoples republic. All the nominees achieved wonderful things in 2010 but it was very good to have a fellow Leevale athlete Lizzie Lee nominated with me. She has made a big impact on athletics in 2010.

Oh yes the other piece of big news is that your hurdler has cut off all her hair! I wanted to do this for ages and I finally went to the hair dresser and let him do whatever he wanted to my hair. The result is a big big change and some (hopefully) go fast hair.

Bye for now

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life in Potch

Hello hello,
Life here in South Africa is going along nicely. I've started to do some sessions. For the first couple of days Ailis and I were just getting over the long flight and doing some warm ups but now we are into the full flow of things.
Mark arrived a couple of days ago and Sean will arrive on Monday. Mark is taking the weights sessions as usual but is also doing our track work until Sean gets here. Today was a track session which was no hurdles just some over distance runs. The weather is so different to home down here. At the track this morning it was 30 degrees and gorgeous sunshine the whole time but now this afternoon it is thunder storms and raining. The rain doesn't last very long so at least when it rains I know it's short term. Sometimes when it rains at home it can just keep raining for days which is a pain for training.
There are lots of athletes from all over Europe around training. I bumped into Jenny Meadows (800m runner) and her husband at the track today. Jenny has been running amazing for the past two years and has won lots of medals, I've known her for a while so it's nice that her and Trevor are here in Potch too.
I'm trying to make some decisions on indoor racing at the moment. I have a few nice options and need to decide which are best. I'll go through all the races properly when Sean arrives. It's a shame Terrie can't come too but hopefully next time.
On a non running front our guest house is full of animals. There is a very friendly cat, a huge great Dane (who has taken a shine to Ailis) and a funny looking tiny dog. Of course Berlino is still my number 1 pooch but it's fun to have them wandering around. I found the cat fast asleep in my bag under my bed yesterday!
I hear it's been getting cold again back in Ireland. Yuck I do not envy anyone trying to train through it!
That's all for now.
Derv xox

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

South Africa

Hi All,

Happy new year. I hope 2011 is looking good for everyone. I'm in South Africa. I got here yesterday. It's great to get away to do some training pre indoors. The cold at home is just not very conducive to running fast over hurdles.

Flew here via Paris with air france. I'm not gonna lie 10 hours over night on a plane is not great craic. I can't sleep too well unless I'm lying down so I was awake most of the flight. I'm definitely not a long haul kinda girl. Since I've been here I've slept great and now I'm just looking forward to doing some sessions.

Will update you all.

Derv x

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

I'm leaving in 2 days for a month away training. I have 1 million things to get done and I'm trying to do them. Why oh why am I not freakishly organised and on top of everything. Damn my attitude.
I gotta go and fill out 2011 athlete planning forms. Despite a degree and masters it seems these forms are very complicated. Maybe I'm just too blonde for forms!!!
Hope you all had a good Christmas.