Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ray D'arcy show picture!

After the Ray D'arcy show on Tuesday we had a quick picture taken for their website. I just did a little bit of stealing and here it is on the blog! Darren O' Neill, Ray, Derval and that fella that does the walks!!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catch up!

Last time i blogged properly I was talking about the major decision that was what bar of chocolate to eat on my day off. I got some very good advice and made a decision I was happy with. I ended up in Avoca for Lunch on my day off with Ailis and had an amazing square of rocky road cake. Yum. I took a picture to share my chocolate moment. Thank you all for the chocolate posts!
On to more important things. Last saturday we had our first relay squad session of 2011. It was more about the plans for the coming year than actually running because it's early in the year for us. I had a great time at the session, although I had two sessions that day so I was at the track from 10 a.m to 4.30 p.m it was a seriously long day in the office! Honestly by Saturday night I was just lying on the couch useless to anyone. All in all the relay looks like it's gonna be good hopefully with some fast running and a little bit of luck by Daegu the team will be flying.
Yesterday there was lots going on. I was on the Ray D'arcy radio show on today f.m with Rob Heffernan and Darren O' Neill to chat about sport and the Olympics. The show was really good fun. Straight after I was at the track to do my toughest interval session of the week. Thankfully I survived the session.
After training I had loads of cooking and organising to do. It was Peter's birthday yesterday so I was making lots of food for people and organising a little birthday night for him. I was really busy trying to get everything done. I had literally just finished off everything when the doorbell rang. I assumed it was some early person but that was wrong. It was the drug testers!!!! Yes you read correctly just as Peter's birthday party was about to start the drug testers arrived. So while everyone was arriving and tucking into some nice food I was stuck in a room trying my best to pee!!! Not exactly the way I thought I would be spending an hour of Peter's birthday! Eventually I did pee and was able to get back to everyone. Everyone seemed very entertained by the whole thing. Thats the way it goes when your an athlete.
Hope you enjoyed the catch up blog.
Time for a little sleep I'm cream crackered after training today.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Promises promises...

Long entertaining day today. Gotta sleep now. I will blog tomorrow....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chocolate advice needed

Hello hello,
Yipee this weeks training is in the bag. There were times it was rough (lots of vomit on the grass yes you know who you are!) but our group survived. Tomorrow is rest day and I cannot wait to rest my weary body. I'm so looking forward to a guilt free bar of chocolate and a cheeky latte. My major issue is which bar. There are so many that I like it's hard to narrow down. Part of me is thinking mint aero but then I haven't had a creme egg recently so maybe go with that or do I just go simple and a bar of dairymilk??
If you have any major feelings towards chocolate bar choice feel free to comment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oh no

I gotta go to the track and run long stuff!!!! Gross is the only word I can think of. To add to the torture is the fact that I can barely sit down because I'm so stiff from weights. I think there is a huge chance Terrie Cahill is trying to kill me.
If I don't blog again it will be due to death by intervals.
bye bye

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleepy sleepy sleepy

Hi All,
Hope everyone is doing well out there. I have to say the only thing that I feel like doing right now is sleeping. Honestly I am sleeping my little head off. I'm back doing tough base training so it is hard sessions. These sessions are strangely satisfying though because I feel like I've achieved quite a bit each day even if right now I can't put my arms above my head because they are so stiff.
It's been a good few days for the Irish. I was in Cheltenham last wednesday when Ireland won 6 out of 7 races in the horse racing and then the week was topped off by Ireland beating England in the rugby. Good times.
Ok time for a nap.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Up and attem early doors. No breakfast allowed. Spend an hour in Dublin traffic on my way to the clinic. 7 vials of blood taken (get this done regularly to make sure I'm healthy). Very girly and wimpy behaviour from me during the blood taking. Grab some breakfast straight after. Next stop the gym. Meet Ian McD in the gym. Bonus of bumping into Paul Hession in the gym too. Do a tough session. Drop Hession to the airport. Swing by Deirdre Ryans on the way home. chat with Sean r.e session. Back home into fleece pajamas for afternoon kip. Fast asleep and woken by the doorbell. Its the drug testers for a random visit. Spend an hour drinking fluids and trying to make myself need to pee. Eventually pee (175 mils to be exact!). Drug testers leave and get ready to go meet friend.
Thats all for today!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That's the end of that

So the indoor season has ended. I'm quite happy that it has. It ended up becoming messy with the stop start way it unfolded. I feel really ready to start looking towards outdoors.

This week I'm doing some light sessions and setting things up for the next few months. I'm also being pretty relaxed on myself in terms of discipline. I'm eating anything I want (chocolate/chips being the main components of my diet right now) and being pretty sociable.

I was reviewing my race from euro indoors and came across this post race interview. After you finish a big race before you get a chance to even take your shoes off you have to go through the mixed zone, which is where all the press people are. This is a weird few minutes because all I normally want to do is go straight to see Sean and Terrie. It's part of being at a big race though (even if some people ask completely ridiculous questions!). Here are my random thoughts about 1 minute after the european indoor final!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Euro indoors 4th-bitterweet

Quick blog- in a seriously competitive women's 60 m hurdles today at the european indoor championship I finished fourth. All three girls ahead of me ran superb races but today wasn't the day for me to be in the mix. Christina Vukicevic was wonderful to pick up a bronze after coming 4th the last two euro champs, I was happy to see this for her.

With the little groin strain recently I had about a 3 week period of no racing or limited training. Last sunday I ran over hurdles for the first time and made the decision to try to contest this championship. So two hurdle sessions later and I turned up ready to give it a lash.
I'm really happy to have been able to run 7.9 off these preparations but of course I'm sad that it just wasn't enough today. I would like to be on the podium tomorrow but thats sport.

I represented myself well and am holding my head high. I know with some non interrupted training in that I am capable of going very very fast indoors. hopefully that day will come.

Now it's time for bed and get ready to support Ailis tomorrow. Fingers crossed for her please.
Derv x x x