Friday, April 29, 2011

Addictive viewing

Good morning all,
Its friday which means day off and I'm here sitting on the couch with a cup of tea watching the royal wedding. I honestly didn't think that I would be so interested but I'm fascinated by the whole thing. I'm loving seeing what everyone is wearing. It is really exciting!
Ok on other non royal news. Everything is great with me. This week has been lovely in training because the sun has been shining and the sessions have been quite light. I go to Portugal on Sunday for two weeks training which will be great. It's always good to have a little training stint away.
Bye for now,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The week that was...

Just back home and finished my final session of the week. The week was tough but good. Lots of weights leading to missing chunks of skin from my neck and hand but on the positive lifted well and enjoyed myself. Running this week has been hard but we hit our targets and felt comfortable. There were lots of hurdle drills added in which was good for me. The weather is amazing right now. Today I did my session with a crop top and shorts on, how good is that in Dublin in April??

Last Saturday we had our second relay squad and did a bit of passing at speed. None of us are running near our fastest at the moment but it was good to start passing the baton to each other and get a feel for running the relay again.

I got sent some really cool runners from Saucony this week and was very entertained to see what was written on the soles of them. Berlino totally approves of them! Can you see what it says in the picture?????

I'm off to enjoy the sun. Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the easter eggs......Mmmmmm chocolate.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


These are my random observations at the end of the training week:
  • Not being able to put on my shoes due to being so stiff from training makes things tough
  • Lactic acid is not my friend
  • Getting all my new saucony kit made me very, very excited and made training a little bit easier this week, thanks saucony.
  • Grateful to neighbours who keep signing for packages full of kit and trainers when I'm out training.
  • Ungrateful to UPS when they randomly try to charge me for my kit deliveries, grrrr no I won't pay these random charges.
  • Hard skin and ripped skin on hands due to weight lifting is probably not my sexiest feature.
  • Do not underestimate anything Terrie Cahill writes on a training programme.
  • Food and bed are my friends, sleep/eat/train.
  • Ian McD and A make the mean training much more entertaining with fat knees and squishy bums!!!!!!!
  • New gift of Orla Kiely laptop bag makes me very, very happy even if I feel too sore from training to carry it!
  • Ipod training tunes of the week "I need a doctor" Dr. Dre feat Eminem & "Moment for life" Nicki Minaj
  • Final thought pink is so hot right now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Dairy Council Milk it advertising awards

Yesterday I was at the NDC milk it advertising awards. I have done some promotional work for NDC and was on hand in the aviva stadium yesterday. This was a competition open to secondary schools where groups of kids did advertising projects to promote dairy. I was there to present the awards but I also got a chance to walk around to see all the projects and chat to all the students about what they did.

It was so much fun to talk to all the students and find out what they had done. The projects they put together were really amazing. I was astonished at how good the projects of students so young were. There were some first year girls who were incredible. The ability all these kids showed through their work was truly inspiring and made me very positive for the future!

The overall winners were Mount Temple comprehensive school in clontarf. The winners of the junior category were Scoil Phobail Sliabh Lucra in Rathmore Co. Kerry. Well done!!!

There was some great representations from schools in Cork and in particular I was super impressed by the 5th year girls from St. Patricks. They did a great presentation and were totally engaging. Thankfully I was not a judge because I would not have been able to pick my favourite project and wanted all the teams to win. All of the teachers involved should be very proud of their groups. NDC did a super job with the whole competition and finally the lovely Mairead Farrell from Today fm was brilliant at the event.

It was a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon, very uplifting. Afterwards I went straight to the track to do a running session with my peeps A and Ian. The training show must roll on!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Addicted to the golf this year. Come on McIlroy!!!!! Fingers and toes crossed for him.

Sunday morning hills

This morning was busy. I dropped my boyfriend to the airport early doors then I went to meet Ailis to drive to hills in Meath. Our hills are in a beautiful part of Meath. It's called Tara and it is gorgeous up there. Plus this morning the weather was amazing. The lovely scenery and sunshine stopped being so entertaining after the second set running up the hill when I was hurting though! Terrie was out with us shouting at us while we were running. She made sure that we worked our bums off every run and were running technically well.
Now I'm back home and ready to go for a little nap to recover.
Enjoy your beautiful Sunday.
Derval x x x x

Monday, April 4, 2011


This is not an easy blog to write. As you all know Berlino is a major member of my family and hence she is loved very much. Today was the first day of recovery week and my other half convinced me to bring Berlino to the track "sure just bring her for a jog and then put her in the car while your training, she will be delighted to be at the track rather than in the house on her own" Off I went with the dog happy out, Berlino and I training partners. After the jog I put her back in the car while I was doing a little bit in the gym. I was sure to hide my sunglasses as I didn't want anything to happen to them. I came back to a very guilty looking labradoodle. Please note she was only alone for 30 minutes. She had watched me "hide" the sunglasses and when I left her she went straight to get them. Not only happy with finding them she managed to break off one arm, chew both of the lenses and all in all destroy them.
She could not even look at me. She was just sitting there head down bits of oakleys everywhere. I was so upset at her. Whats worse is my other pair of sunglasses were in the bag that airfrance lost on me in January so I was totally dependent on this pair. If there is any bit of sun I train in sunglasses.
I didn't even need to say anything to her. I just opened the door and pointed to the glasses. We drove home in silence.
The house has been very quiet since. To summarise bad bad dog.

P.S On a totally different notes one of my favourite athletes is Jenny Meadows and I just read this lovely piece online with her so here is a link for all you athletics fans out there!