Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An evening with the Queen (and 1,999 others!)

Hello Hello,
Hope everyone is in flying form on this wet Wednesday in Dublin. I promised to blog about my exciting day last Thursday so here it is I am finally getting around too it. A few weeks ago I received an invite from the British embassy to attend a function in the convention centre to celebrate the visit of HRH Queen Elizabeth to Ireland. When you consider Irelands history with Britain and the significance of the Queen coming to Ireland it was a great event to attend.
My plus one for the evening was the ever stylish and wonderful Terrie Cahill. It was a nice excuse for the two of us to get all dressed up and be a bit fancy for an evening. The event itself had about 2,000 people. All sorts of people were floating around the drinks reception. During my people spotting I saw Eddie Jordan, The Seoige sisters, Rachel Allen and Keith Woods.

I was lucky enough to be on the list of people who got to go to the 5th floor to be at a reception with the Queen. I was grouped with the Olympic group which was headed up by Pat Hickey. The Queen went around all the groups and was introduced to each member of the group. She had a brief chat with me about the Olympics and London then she was off onto the next person. She seemed like a nice lady and looks wonderful for 85. I had a lovely chat with President Mary Mcaleese a few moments after meeting the Queen. I admire the president hugely I think she is an amazing ambassador for Ireland and seems to be a genuinely warm, lovely person.

After the reception there was a concert that everybody attended in honour of the Queen. The concert was very enjoyable and extra interesting as the Queen was sitting right behind Terrie and I! We resisted the urge to keep peeking behind at her. All in all it was a great evening.

In other news I'm on recovery week which has come at the perfect time. I was doing some jumps and landed a bit awkwardly so I needed to give my knee a little rest. I jarred it a bit jumping over hurdles in training. I was just starting to think that I was pretty good at the jumps but alas I must not be all that good! No chance of me becoming a jumper I'm afraid!

The season seems to be starting to get into full swing. I'm still getting ready to race and looking forward to racing in a couple of weeks. The World champs are on much later this year (hurdles 2/3 September) which means preparing to run fast later on in the season as opposed to early for me. It will be good to do some relay races early to move the legs and get going.

Finally I must give a quick shout out to Victoria Harris who I got to say hi too last Saturday in Santry. I was running on the track while the Leinster schools was on. She was just about to run in the sprint and it was lovely to chat to her. Whats more is I believe she ran a p.b that day so well done Victoria. Super running, keep it up!

Thats all for now,
Derval xoxo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where oh where is my tan??

So here I am back from my trip to Portugal. I was there for 2 weeks. The weather was good the whole time and lots of training was done. It was good to be there but at the same time I was really starting to get itchy to get home. You see I am a home bird, now don't get me wrong I will moan and complain about the national debt, lack of jobs, lack of training facilities and the weather as much as the next Irish person but I still don't enjoy being away for long periods of time from the emerald Isle.

I spent the two weeks in Portugal training and really not doing a whole heap else. It was fun to catch up with the other Irish athletes and get the lowdown on everyones plans for the season. I ventured to the cinema one evening with the lovely ladies Ailis and Deirdre, we went to see limitless. If your bored and wanna be a little bit entertained it's worth a watch. Also in Portugal half way through a film they take an intervalo for 20 minutes, how random is that??

Training was good for the two weeks, Sean and Terrie were there for a good bit of the camp which is always super. There was lots of running and weights done so I was fairly tired by the time I got on the plane back to Ireland. For some reason I didn't sleep too great either so I was in serious need of getting back to my own leaba.

The weird thing about going away on training camp is that all of a sudden you are opened up to a whole world of people training on the track and you see people doing loads of sessions. Normally when we train in Dublin it's just us on the track so to be on a track with loads of other athletes from all over Europe is kinda strange. I had two weeks to observe all these other athletes which I feel puts me in the perfect position to judge the difference between Irish athletes on a track and foreign athletes. It all comes down to one thing......drum roll please....... THE TAN! Yes you read correctly all those European guys and girls are tan riddled. They have that gorgeous bronzed skin. There is only so much time a very white, freckled hurdler can spend in the presence of bronzed tracksters before I start to get depressed! Damn my very Irish freckled, pale skin!

Back to now and all is good in Dublin (not a bronzed swede in sight). I spend so much time training with Ian McD and being entertained by him that it's great to be back in our little cocoon (coffee post training on Monday was necessary for Ian, Ailis and I to debrief on the previous two weeks as he was in Dublin while we were in Portugal) This week training is still hard and today Terrie had the speed gates out to time our runs. There is no room for speculation with the speed gates so I had to move my arse which considering how cold it was made things tough but I managed to do well enough. First run I got the pace wrong but after that I was good.

I'm still making some decisions on racing so when I decide the plan I shall update everyone. I know for sure that I'm part of the Irish relay squad that races near Paris on June 2nd but apart from that I don't really know yet.

I have a very exciting day coming up this Thursday but you will have to wait and read all about it on the blog.........

Time for some zzzzzzzz I have a date with Terrie C bright and early to lift some weights and jump around the place (aka plyometric training!).


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Living the dream...

Hi Guys,

Hopefully this blog finds everyone happy and well. I'm sitting here in a little internet cafe on training camp in Portugal. The Irish team are having a pre season camp out here. Sean, Terrie and Ailis are out here and we are all in good form. It's great to be away and getting some good sessions in. Today we were doing jumps and gym work. Yesterday was running and a bit of relay practice, the relay girls are here so it's a good opportunity to get relay work in.

I would like to blog some major scandal or news from out here but everything is just tipping along nicely. Nothing exciting I'm afraid.

On the way out here I asked the air host how he was and he replied "Living the dream". I figure that's as good an answer as he could have given me and considering I'm out here training it's a pretty good blog title.

Bye, bye from sunny Portugal.

Derval xoxo