Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm having a frustrating day at the office!!! I ran in Lausanne tonight and ran a bit faster than my last race but it was crappy. There was a wind behind and that actually made it harder for me with the hurdles. Then I had problems with hurdle 4 which just messed up my rhythym I kinda just lost my pace and had to try get back into it. It's frustrating because in terms of training I am doing everything really well and have been doing super p.b's in training which tell me as the season goes forward that it will be great but I want to be great now now now!!!! That is athletics I guess, time for someone to send me some patience.

Also the relay ran tonight which I ran on. To be honest we ran slow. I was on first leg and happy with the way I got around the bend and changed over but some changes were bad and overall it wasn't good. The relay also falls under the frustrating category. Ireland is a small country and we don't have depth but yet we are trying to do races without all the current fastest runners who have decided to focus on their individual efforts. It's an individual sport so it's understandable but it makes trying to get this team running fast a hard task. We aren't the U.S so if everyone isn't in then things become slow and difficult.

Nxt meet is on Sunday in switzerland. Need to get over the frustration by then....

Dor x x x.


Friday, June 24, 2011


Hi Hi Hi....

Last weekend was the european team championships in Izmir Turkey. This meet is a chance for Ireland to compete as a team and every event is counted for points. It's an event that I have been doing for years and one that I think is really important every year. As a country we have come really far and I think it's really important that we represent ourselves well in this event hence why I like to be part of it each year.

As with every other year the event has lots of highs and lows. I was running with the relay on the Saturday evening and the worst result occured. DNF. We did not get the baton around. I was also on the change that the baton dropped. It's hard to say why. Clare Brady was passing the baton to me which is a new running order due to availability of athletes and I guess that may have had something to do with it. It's hard to say but very disappointing. My priority is the hurdles but I think the relay is a good event to be part of and I'm hoping despite all the recent results that the team can do really well at some point this season. Also on the plus side Ailis is over her niggle and she will be a huge help. She is the fastest sprinter in Ireland so not having her has been a big pain.

After a Saturday evening of disappointment I went out on Sunday to run the hurdles. It was my first outdoor race in 9 months! I came fourth in 13.11 into a bit of a headwind. I would have been happier to place higher and to have run faster but the run was pretty much consistent with where I'm at. I am far away from being sharp and technically proficient due to the plan for the season. At the same time I'm not fond of seeing 13 anything next to my name. I came off the track knowing that I had hurdled pretty crap yet I also know that there is a whole lot there to come so I gotta take it. Plus it was fun to be back on the track running outdoors even if I did get my arse kicked. I love a bit of racing!!!!!!

At the end of the weekend we managed to finish above the relegation zone and stay in the first division. All in all it was a positive result for the team. From here on out in the season it's all about getting ready for worlds.

The plan from here is to race in Lausanne next Thursday (30 June) and then a meet in Chaux du fonds on the Sunday (3 July). I'm looking forward to them. Fingers crossed the scoreboard comes up with nicer numbers next to my name......


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots and lots to discuss...

Hi Peeps,

There is literally so much busy-ness at the moment that I don't know where to start. First things first. I celebrated a big birthday recently. I turned 30! I know what your thinking 30 no you only look 21!!!!! But I must confess that yes on the 28th May I turned the big 30. I celebrated by having a small non party party get together with food, champers and bowling. I know how weird that I wanted to go bowling but I just thought after a few drinks bowling would be really fun and guess what?? It was so much fun. It was very entertaining to see so many of my friends bowling. The night was funny when one of the guys (I wont name names) got slow clapped high jump style and his name chanted every time he bowled. I highly recommend an evening bowling. I spent time the weekend of my birthday with my family too which was also lovely.

I had a little bit of a competitive outing last week. The relay team was in Paris to run a race to kick off the season. I'm going to be honest the team ran brutal but there are many factors involved. Ailis has a niggle and could not race this combined with massive gusting winds (baton changes nightmare) and general under par running by the team made for an absolutely awful day at the relay office. There are two ways to go with this the completely negative route and just say feck it or the positive route and keep the head. I'm more of a positive girl myself so lets just stay calm and see how it all works out in the coming months. Rome was not built in a day.....

After my trip to Paris I got straight off the plane and into the gym for a training session. This was followed by going to Cork. One of my lovely friends got married last weekend and I went home for the wedding. She looked amazing and it was a great day. I was a little bit like cinderella during the afters though and had to get home to bed early before getting up the next day to hit the track. Despite my cinderella-esque behaviour the trip home was totally worth it to be there to see her get married.

I'm starting to think about hurdles racing now. I start my competitive season in Izmir at the European team championships. Worlds this year is a full month later than Europeans was last year which means that all my training has been planned to revolve around August/September. I've really enjoyed all the training since I finished indoors but I am starting to get itchy to get my competitive outdoor season underway.

Peter is getting into all his Olympic sailing campaign so things are quite busy for us at the moment. He is sailing at an event in the Olympic venue this week in sail for gold. So far so good for him so fingers crossed for the rest of the week.

Today I was doing a hurdles session on the track but turned up to realise that there was primary schools athletics on. Luckily the organisers were happy to give me and the group some space on the track which meant that I got the session done. It did also mean that I ended up signing alot of t-shirts/notebooks/trainers of kids and getting a lot of pictures taken with the kids. I enjoyed chatting to them and having good fun with the kids. I love to see kids out running, I remember all the running I did as a kid so it's great to see them all racing down the track. The best question I was asked was "do your pink shoes make you run faster?" of course the only answer to that was yes. The funniest question I was asked was "could you give me some of your luck before I race?" I hope I managed to bring some luck. Who knows maybe the next time I'm at a meet with Usain Bolt racing I should ask him for just a little bit of his luck.....

That's all for now.


P.S in the pictures are myself and my friend Sandra outside the church after the wedding, then the beautiful bride Eileen and finally me being presented with my birthday cake.