Friday, July 22, 2011

Flights,delays,buses, b races and a very tough high jumper!

I promise I'm not making this up, I am sitting in the exact same seat in Amsterdam airport on the net as the last time I blogged. Lots has been happening. If you want a blog full of sunshine and happiness please go elsewhere.

My 6 hour delay last Monday turned into 8 hours. I ended up getting to my meet in Italy at around 2.30 a.m. This stuff happens a bit so I'm used to sucking it up and just running. In my race was Kelly wells who is one of the worlds fastest and I was really looking forward to racing her. The track was a bit head wind ish but that wasn't something that particularly bothered me as I was just really looking forward to a race. So just before the race I got a little surprise. Someone had messed up and put me in the b race, I often end up in b races which isn't a big deal but at this meet the b race was 13.5 pace and upwards. So I was in a situation where out of 9 girls I was the 2nd fastest this season yet instead of being in the top race I was with the slower end. If I want a not very fast race I can run in santry which involves very little hassle and a drive to the track. Getting two flights, an 8 hour delay and a bus trip to a track in Italy to be told on the line that things just got messed up and it's too late to change them is just kinda crap to be honest. There were free lanes in the a race but they would not put me in. I did try to run fast but mainly there was a serious lack of adrenalin I just felt really disappointed.

Next day I drew a line in the sand and just got excited about going to luzurn to race (as an aside luzurn is organised by Terry mchugh the Irish javelin record holder and legend of Irish athletics, he works in Swiss athletics and really is a massive asset to them) to get there took 2 flights and another serious days travel (direct flight was way too expensive) when I arrived in luzurn I was pretty tired.

I was rooming with Deirdre Ryan, which is always a pleasure as she is one of my best friends and all around great laugh. Alas at about midnight the night took a bit of a bad turn. Deirdre got really sick and for most of the night was up getting sick. Rather than just be sick and deal with it dee spent half the night trying to not wake me (very sweet and selfless) I just knew she was in bits though and there was reallly notihing I could do for her. The next day (race day) one of the girls who helped to organise the meet rang a doctor and was trying to help dee feel better. I swear I have absolutely no idea how she got out there and jumped considering how sick she was the whole night. So full marks to her for effort.

My race was in one word shite, now this is the exact word that my always honest coach Sean used to describe it. There isn't really much blogging or analysing I can do about it because it was rubbish. I was crap enough technically and made some mistakes that you just can't do and expect to run well. I felt tired trying to race and ended up being a bad bad hurdler! But I think when I'm on the startline I've put myself out there so there are really no excuses. It is what it is.

That's that though. Two crap races and a very tiring few days chasing my tail around Europe. Right now I'm looking forward to getting home and sleeping a good bit. Also not a fan of having to spend the next 5 hours in Amsterdam airport.....luckily I have the secret klm internet code!!!

Despite all this luzern was a really good meet. Terry does such a good job with it and it really is a pleasure to get to go there and run. Even running the way I did I made it into the top 3 and got a lovely big clap from the crowd which some days really does feel nice! Switzerland still gets to be one of my favourite places to go race.

Mind yourselves,
Derval x

Monday, July 18, 2011

If at first you don't succeed.....

Well here I am sitting in a cafe in amsterdam airport (on the Internet thanks to a very nice waiter who gave me the secret code to the klm lounge) and I could go to the the bad place. I flew here from Dublin and had a very tight connection to make my next flight. The Dublin flight got delayed and I had pretty much no chance at making the next flight. But rather than accept defeat I did the only thing I knew how I ran and ran and ran. As soon as I got the gate number (d78 in case you're wondering) I just started legging it through Amsterdam airport. The competitive urge kicked in and I was high knees flat out running to get to the gate before the flight took off. It was not a short run so I was out of breath and kinda sweaty by the time the gate came into sight. I picked up the pace only to realise that the flight had left and that the gate was closed. Honestly I was so deflated by this but to make matters worse I had to walk back to the main terminal past all the people I had just sprinted past some of whom I shoved a liitle to get past (I'm not proud of the shoving but I was under pressure!!!).

Now here I am stuck in amsterdam for 6 hours trying to recover from my epic sprint through the airport. Whilst I was starting to get cranky I grabbed a newspaper and I am totally cheered up. Smiling up from the paper is darren Clarke holding the claret jug. I loved every minute of the golf yesterday and was so delighted to see Darren clarke win. Imagine 19 attempts and winning on the 20th! It really was wonderful to watch yesterday.

Here's hoping that I do eventually get out of Amsterdam and get to my races!

Bye for now...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Very boring DOR

Hi All,

I am pretty boring at the moment as all I seem to be doing is training, eating (baked a lot yesterday!) and sleeping. But I have been watching and keeping an eye on the results from meets especially how my Irish peeps are doing. I'm very excited to say Ireland has a new World Champion, last week Kate Veale won the race walk in the world youth games. She is world champion, how good is that. Go Kate go....

This week the European under 23 championships are on in Ostrava so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all the Irish team out there. It's a really strong team so hopefully they can perform the way they are capable of and bring home a couple of shiny medals. This competition was the first time I ever broke 13 seconds in the hurdles and came 4th by 1/100th of a second! I have very good memories of it so hopefully there are lots of Irish p.b's and people coming home happy.

Today I was on the track doing some speed work and hurdle drills. It's left me pretty sleepy, at 8 o' clock on this Thursday night I am already in my pajama's and ready for bed. It's official I am boring!!

Next week I'll be back on the race track and hopefully be a far less boring blogger. I hope you like the photo I have added of Berlino, I'm hoping it takes away a tiny bit of my boring-ness!!!

Bye bye...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lovely la chaux

So I finally started to run the way I have in training today at a meet. I posted two seasons bests of 12.97&12.84. I was so curious about this meet mainly because it often throws up really fast results and like all the cynics out there i have often wondered whether this was some kinda freak track with some suspect settings. If you ever come here for a meet and it is a day like today then the answer is pretty obvious. This track on a good day is literally perfect conditions for the sprinter/hurdler. It is high up on a hill, it has prevailing tailwinds and the surface is super hard. Add into the mix that the meet is very relaxed, no call rooms no bib numbers just warm up on the track (lausanne was a field!) plus because there is so much talk of fast sprint times out of here I think the placebo effect is kinda high! if your average sprinter was to give all their criteria for fast conditions this meet ticks all the boxes. So all in all I get it now regarding this meet and the name it has made for itself.
Despite all my positive talk about this place I did not run a perfect race or anything near it I just started running the way all my training would indicate I should be running. I'm pretty technically ropey due to concentrating hard on other areas of my training with a view to early September. I ran the first 5h really well but then had a bad few hurdles after this and had to work hard in the end. The Swiss girl Lisa urech totally nailed it. Not a huge surprise but still very impressive. She is targeting winning the euro u23 champs in 2 weeks and has been putting in very solid results the past few meets to get ready for it. She has had some great races the past couple of years but also missed some time being injured now i think she is just putting itball together. Afterwards she was just saying how everything just felt perfect for her. Perfect conditions and all her hurdling just came good. Those are the days that us Hurdles run for. By no means was today my perfect day in the season but it was just what I needed right now.
As a final point today's run is also under my qualifying criteria for world champs and olympic games. Rolll on daegu and london.That's a nice sentence to be able to write!!!


Gotta go get some sleep. Lots more season 2011 to look forward too......

Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the road....

Here I am in the next town in switzerland relaxing before our meet tomorrow. We are all in la chaux de fonds now. Yesterday before our little group left Lausanne we took a trip to the Olympic museum. It was really great to see all the memorabilia. Although myself, gilly and ails did get a little carried away and take lots of photos of ourselves pretending to do other sports. From the pictures it looks like ails will be a great gymnast, gillly is going down the road of winter sports and I'm looking good as a cyclist. If you ever happen to be in Lausanne take a trip to the Olympic museum it is well worth it. I'm typing this on my iPad so I'm afraid no photographic evidence right now.

We travelled to la chaux yesterday evening and when we arrived we went to the track. I thought I was just doing a little warm up but I actually had some hurdle work to do. Terrie is here with us and she is the boss so i did my hurdles as she said. The most exciting part of this was that Merlene Ottey was down at the track during my session. I've met her before and she is a lovely lady. She is hugely impressive in person. She is 51 now and she is totally amazing to watch run. She is such a natural runner. She just glides along the track. She achieved an incredible amount in her career and is still running on the relay team for Slovenia.

I'm looking forward to having a saunter over the hurdles tomorrow. This meet is really relaxed and low key. Plus there are two runs in the hurdles and then relay after. It's the opposite to most meets I do as it starts very early and then goes on all day. I've never raced in this meet before so I'm excited to run here.

Thats all for now...
Dor xox