Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Love the suggestions from last blog. Keep them coming!!

Keeper of promises

Hi all,
I promised a blog before daegu so here it is. Its gonna be short because I'm in heathrow about to board the plane. As per usual I was totally dis organised and running around house like a maniac before i left.
It all came down to the following items in my (massive) bag

Hair dryer- as requested by a certain high jumper
Pillow- I love my bed and seeing as the bed would not fit this is the next best option
Trainers by 3- you can never have enough
Spikes x 2- no bare foot for me
Snacks- loads of snacks which include barrys tea, green tea, crackers, dark chocolate, protein bars and nuts
Clothes- I won't even start about clothes because I honestly could dress the whole team if they need me too
Irish kit- the Irish kit is new and to the disappointment of many I have not packed the new zip up, pointy in built boob crop top that I was given ( I kid not it exists). I have packed the regular crop topwhich fits lovely and does not make me have madonna style boobs. I have also packed the massive rain kit that if it does rain I will have room for all of my fellow hurdlers to fit into.
Drugs- not the dirty bad kind the sleeping tablet/ anti histamine/asthma drug kind and lots of supplements like multiple vitamins
New gangster style head phones- could moonlight as a dj if I feel the need
Socks socks and more socks- thank goodness for the generosity of saucony.
Irish flag-love the bit of green, White and gold.
The dog- only joking but I am gonna miss my little labradoodle like crazy

Ok gotta go get myself on a flight for 10 hours, eeek!!!

Til next time

D xxxx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Training camp my style & Swanky ASX

Hi Peeps,

I'm doing all my last bits and pieces of prep before Daegu. I did my final race in Loughborough last week. It was a 12.87, which on that day I will take. I came second to Jessica Ennis as she ran a p.b of 12.79. Very nice run from her.

Since this race I've been training away and just basically chilling out. Lots of people like to head to big training camps before major champs but that's not the way I like to do things. I like to stay in my own environment as long as possible before a major race. It's great to be able to get my sessions in and then just switch off from it.

I have a few more days at home before I head off. I've got an ipad so I've been trying to get loads of books and films for it. It is a serious amount of travel to Daegu which means I need to keep myself entertained. If you have any good book or film recommendations just put them in the comments below and I'll check them out pretty please. Nothing sad though because I'm a serious softy and having an emotional breakdown whilst watching a sad film on a plane is not a cool look!!!

In other news I'm happy to say that I'm the new brand ambassador for Mitsubishi Ireland. This is a picture of myself and Berlino with our lovely new Mitsubishi ASX. It's really nice to drive and Ms Berlino is delighted cruising around in our new swanky vehicle. A big thank you to all at Mitsubishi.

I promise to blog again before I leave.



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh that's a pretty crap surprise...

So it's been a few days of the not so good racing in my running world. I raced at the crystal palace diamond league event on Saturday and just ran terrible. I was just crap and sometimes thats the way it is. You train and train and train and work your bum off and it just does not pay off on certain days. Thankfully I'm pretty used to the highs and lows of this which makes getting over bad races something I'm used too. Still though!

Yesterday was national champs. I flew back straight after Palace to be able to run. I really enjoy the buzz of nationals so it was good to be able to do it after having a crap race the day before. The race went fine I ran a little quicker than the day before and the race wasn't really competitive. It felt so much easier to just saunter down the track at Santry which was nice after the crappy run on Saturday. It was a bit disappointing that the women's hurdles didn't have more girls there. I wish more of the sprinters would give the hurdles a lash because I feel like there could be a lot of good sprint hurdlers in Ireland.

On to the crappy surprise of nationals. After my race I was told that I had been called to drug testing. I'm used to this so that is no problem at all. But what I'm used too is having to provide a urine sample. Yesterday I had to provide a urine sample and also let them take two vials of blood. To be honest I was hating this. I do not like needles at all. If I need to get my blood tested I always go to the same lady who I know and even then it's something I dread. I have never in any of my races anywhere else been asked to have a blood sample taken so it was kinda a crappy surprise. But I guess if it makes the sport cleaner then fair enough but still I will never enjoy getting a needle stuck in my arm, Gross!!!!!

Ok peeps that's all for now.

Mind yourselves.