Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

This is a great time of year so I hope everyone is in great form. I just arrived down in the peoples republic. It's super to be home. I've been training really hard the past 2 months and I've had no time to be in cork.

I've been really busy lately and not kept all you blog readers in the loop so I'll try to re cap on what's been happening. My boyfriend travelled to Australia to compete in the world champs. He was away for five weeks all with the sole purpose of chasing an Olympic qualification place. I'm happy to write that he qualified. I was so chuffed and excited for him. Him and his crew, David burrows, have worked so hard and put so much into this that it would have been gutting if they didn't nail qualification in Australia. Thankfully qualification is sorted and now they can get ready to rock in London 2012.

Training has been very tough but enjoyable the past few weeks. Today I did my last session before I start recovery week. I've been doing more hurdles in the past three weeks which has been great. The past month has just been a whirlwind of running, weights, jumps, core and hurdles. I've loved every minute of it. For me training is never an issue, I love this time of year. Each week training is challenging in different ways and it's good to wake up, go to the track and get stuck in.

I've been really busy and there are a few reasons for this but the main one being that I got a job! Ok don't panic I'm not giving up jumping the sticks anytime soon but I feel that it's important for me to have a bit of balance in my life. I was lucky to find that the vet clinic in the dspca was looking for a part time volunteer receptionist. The dspca does such an amazing job helping animals so it was the perfect place to work. I volunteer in the vet clinic which was opened last February and is a vet clinic for the public to come and get all their furry friends their veterinary care. All the staff are amazing at what they do and all the profits from the clinic goes straight back into helping animals in the dspca. If you have a pet please consider using the vet clinic at the dspca, they really are wonderful. Their phone number is 01-4994780

Finally I'm not on twitter myself but a certain furry friend of mine has become active in the twitter world. Berlino has been tweeting away and has even gotten herself a few followers. So if you fancy an insight into the world of a White labradoodle who lives with Peter and I then follow her @berlinolabradoo.

There is loads more I could blog about but I gotta go bond with the family.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Take care