Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Tail

I mentioned in my blog that we are fostering a puppy called Chloe from the DSPCA. Here is her Christmas tail:

I spent almost a year volunteering at the DSPCA. It was a way for me to do something different from the world of sport and also try to give a little back. During my time in the Vet clinic I learned loads about animal welfare and saw all the great work that was done in the DSPCA. I was sad to end my time volunteering there but decided when possible myself and Peter would foster dogs that needed some love before being re-homed.

3 weeks ago we took home a 12 week old puppy by the name of Chloe. She was picked up by the DSPCA and wasn't very well. She had some wounds on her and had rickets (Insufficient levels of calcium or vitamin D that affect the bones). I brought her home and after a few hours she settled in great in our house. Our own dog, Berlino, was a tad bit put out at another dog being in the house but she soon got over this.

Myself and Peter were really focused on getting the puppy as healthy and house trained as possible in order to make it easier for the DSPCA to re-home her. Within a few days she learned to go to the bathroom outside. Her legs which were very bent from the rickets started to straighten out and she began to get much stronger on them. It was great to see her doing so well

During our three weeks of fostering her we took a trip to Cork to see our families. Needless to say they all fell in love with this little puppy. Everyone just melted around her. I think the fact that she didn't have the best of starts in life coupled with how loving she is made everyone just want to cuddle her.
She was due to go back to the DSPCA last Friday and the plan was for them to look for a new home for her.

On Thursday night Peter looked at me and announced "We need to talk". Most of you don't know Peter so I will fill you in a little on him. He is my other half (he will officially be my husband in 2013!) and ridiculously kind. He adores animals and when I was volunteering in the DSPCA he just wanted every animal I told him about to have a happy ever after story and if they did not he would look so pained by it that eventually I just stopped telling him the bad stories. If I ever tell him anything bad he just says "how can I fix it". So as you can imagine when he announced "We need to talk" last Thursday night I knew it was about the Puppy's imminent departure.

Peter explained to me that he was worried about the puppy going back after 3 weeks of love and care in our house. He felt that she had made such amazing progress that he couldn't handle the thought of not knowing how she was doing or where she would end up. He had spent two days mulling it over in his head and he had a solution. Obviously at this point I thought the solution was we were keeping the puppy. No that was not his solution.

Peter had chatted to his Mum and they had decided that if permitted by the DSPCA she would love to adopt Chloe. They have one dog currently in their house and their second dog died last Christmas. It was just enough time for them to be ready to have a new addition.

We explained all this to the DSPCA and they were delighted to hear that Chloe would have such a great home. All that needs to be done now is the paper work. That is the Christmas tail of Chloe. I will blog again at some point on how life in Cork is going for the furry rescue baby!

Just to finish if you ever are considering getting an animal please do check places such as the DSPCA, Dogs trust or you're local animal rescue centre. There are so many animals that need to be given a second chance and that have so much love to offer.