Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rain and Wind

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well. All I can say is that this week has been majorly influenced by rain and wind. The weather is crazy. All of my running sessions have been done in a waterproof jacket, wooly hat and gloves. It's been so bad that I kinda just thought ok it is what it is lets just do the sessions and try to hit the time targets regardless of the weather. It's been interesting! Mostly I've still managed to run all the times that I needed too so that's been great. I'm hoping that things pick up a bit this week and I can at least get rid of the hat!

Bye for now,

Monday, April 9, 2012

What is Strong?

Hi All,
I race for team Saucony, which is pretty cool because they are an amazing company and do some awesome shoes and clothing. Saucony have a big theme this year called find your strong. As part of this loads of people have been uploading their find your strong pictures to their website in the past few days,
I uploaded my picture yesterday but it took me ages to pick just one picture that made me find my strong. Here are a few of the final ones I decided between.
Hope you like them.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looooong Week

Hi All,

My Thursday is kinda like a normal working week Friday. I have Friday off most weeks which means come Thursday evening my weeks training is done.

This week I had big weights sessions, high reps and fairly heavy. In the running I had a bit of lactic stuff and then today I had hurdles and sprints. On top of these I do two extra core/rehab sessions which I did today and Monday.

Also this week I was doing a little bit of work for Powerade as they are launching a competition where you can win a trip to London to run a 100m on the Olympic track. I'm going over with the winners and will get to check out the stadium for myself, something that I'm very excited about. The competition is for fun and will be great craic so if you fancy entering please go to

In other randomness this week lots of people seemed to pick up on my small track issue last Sunday. To be honest it's not a big deal. I train 99% of the time in Morton stadium and it's a super facility with amazingly helpful staff. For one day I used somewhere else and paying for it isn't a big deal (a tenner is not hardship). It would have been worse not to be able to train and after some crankiness I was happy to get my session done.

The plan for rest day is to do a few hours on reception in DSPCA vet clinic and hopefully go to see hunger games in the cinema. I have just read the first two books in 10 days and loved them. I almost don't want to start the third because I don't want to read it all and have the story end! I'm very excited about watching the Masters golf over the next few days. I can't wait to see all the golf drama unfold. Hopefully we see one of the Irish wearing the green jacket at the end of it.

Thanks for reading thats all for now....