Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time flies

Hi Guys,
I'm so sorry it has taken so long to blog. I'm not normally this bad but I've been all around the place in the past few weeks (Portugal on camp, London to see the stadium etc).
I don't have a heap of time to blog now ( I have a date with some hurdles in an hour) but I promise I will do better in the next little while.
I started to race by doing some sprints recently. The second race was better than the first and I feel like I will just get quicker. I've worked hard on getting strong so turning my legs over fast takes time hence why I'm running some sprints early on. Although it is frustrating because I know I haven't started to do any real serious fast work yet but at the same time there is a reason for everything so I gotta just suck it up and work my bum off at moving my legs faster each week.
The next few weeks involves meets in switzerland, russia, slovakia and probably other random european destinations that are not confirmed yet. I'm excited to get going again. All the training is to race so lets get the show on the road.
I'm off for my date now.