Friday, June 22, 2012

Bad blogger

Hi guys, I often write blogs and forget to post them. I wrote one last Sunday on my way back from a meet. Rather than just discard it I'm going to post it below. I'm currently in a hotel in Belgium and happy to say I had a very easy short flight to get here with no European road trips at all! June rolls on I raced in Ried Austria last night. To explain my race in ried I need to give a big explanation. I was supposed to race in Slovenia and then Moscow. Unfortunately the peeps in the Russian embassy didn't want to play ball and give me a visa on time. Doyler (racing manager and hubby to my bf shinkins) figured out a plan b which was to travel to austria after slovenia. For me this season is just kicking off and i need to get race fit so my Russian rejection was an issue. The solution of a road trip through Europe seemed like the best possible option. Team Cahill were all about hitting Slovenia and then moving it on to Austria in order to race. After my race in slovenia (great few hurdles then made a couple of mistakes=bad run) I received a message from doyler "find the Italian pole vaulter he will drive you to ried". It's important to note that at this time of year us athletes will literally do anything for a good meet and an opportunity to improve so a European road trip with the Italian seemed like an awesome plan. I hunt down my new travel buddy ("giorgio") and get a big fat rejection from him. His car was full. Thankfully the desire to race is far greater than my pride so the search for a way to ried continued (no time for Italian rejection depression). Eventually I found two other athletes willing to take the show on the road with me. A big shout out to Andrew Steele and RIchard Strachan for embracing the plan. On Friday the three of us got driven to Graz airport by the meet organiser, it took us a couple of hours. Then we rented a car, got on the data roaming downloaded a map of Austria and off we went. Andrew drove the whole way and we just had the craic. We covered every topic you can imagine and laughed our asses off. 7 hours after setting off in Slovenia we rolled up in the Clio in ried. To continue the theme of our few days the meet hotel was full and Wolfgang the meet director was super stressed trying to figure out where our little road trip group should sleep. In the end the three of us were put in a 70's style retro "bikers" motel. The couple running the motel were totally delighted to have us and could not have been sweeter. They were great fun and had the cutest puppy. I lost count of the hugs I  got from the lady  in the motel. I slept hard after our big road trip and the next day I got ready to race. The legs were a bit dead but nothing too major. I Arrived at the track and got ready to run the heat. I messed up the heat and was annoyed. Then I had a little talk with myself. After the little talk I came out for the final determined to work on my hurdle mistakes. I'm happy to say I ran far better and was only just pipped by Beate Schott into second, 13.07-13.09. By no means is it fast but I'm getting there and there is loads to come. The meet operated a system that the top ten performances were worked out and then given a few euro prize money. I'm delighted to say that I was second best performance, Brian gregan was third and Andrew Steele was fourth. Go us. Let's be honest none of us actually made any cash after our car rental & flights but racing and improving a little bit is priceless. Next weekend is the British trials for their Olympic team. Andrew Steele raced in the last Olympics and ran 44 seconds in the 400m (for those of you who are not really into stats 44 is Fast!) FIngers and toes crossed for my road trip buddies that they get on the team. Bye for now.. DOR x

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

If in doubt plant stuff...

I've developed a recent obsession with planting things. It has been influenced by the fact that I have not had any tv for around two months now. Basically we decided to change tv provider but when one got cancelled neither Peter or I could commit to being in the house on an exact day at an exact time to get another one put it (travel, training etc etc). Now it's been two months and things are grand minus the t.v. We still have the internet so I can watch whatever I want online. The lack of t.v made me have more time and I started to grow things in pots in the conservatory. It started off really small you know just a few herbs here and there. But now I'm fully obsessed with the plants. I have tomato's, strawberries, courgette, cucumber, aubergine, raspberries, leeks, spring onions and lettuce growing. Peter initially didn't care at all about the plants, they looked kinda boring at the start just sitting in big pots of compost but as they have taken over the conservatory he is now really into it too.

Anytime I've done any interviews recently I've been asked do Peter and I spend the whole time talking about the Olympics. I get the impression that people would like to hear that we are sitting there analysing hurdle technique and discussing the possible weather conditions for Weymouth but nope the truth is far more random we discuss the plants! The plants have even started to make appearances in skype calls!

Yes it's official I'm possible the most boring athlete out there...

Bye bye.


April rain conditions revisited

Hi All,
I had a bit of a busy weekend. I spent it in Switzerland in the world of race meets. I ran a 100m on Saturday and ran fine I would have liked a little quicker but the speed is taking some time with where training is at. The most interesting part of the weekend was running hurdles. I ran in the worst conditions I have ever run in, which says a lot because I train in Ireland. It rained hard for the meet. Sean wanted me to run the 100m instead of the hurdles because he thought there was very little to gain from hurdling. I had it in my head that I wanted to hurdle so he agreed that I could give it a lash. I'm glad I ran not because I ran in any way fast but because it was tough as any race I could have done. The time was super slow and it took a long time to get dry and warm up after it but I got through it. First hurdles done.
Bye for now,