Sunday, July 22, 2012

Head up and chest out

Well its that time of year. Almost time for the big races. I did my last couple of meets in Italy. I needed to get a couple of meets in and Italy was an opportunity for me to get away and also get some training done in some warm weather. Its been pretty brutal in Dublin all summer. One race was fine and one was bad. All in all I need to be better. I know this.

Now I've a few sessions left before I hit London. I like this time of year a lot. I put my head down and just concentrate on doing the best I can. I try not to get distracted by anything and just remember that its all about running fast.

I'm listening to loads of music at the track these days so here is one of my playlist songs. It may not be everyones taste!

Bye for now

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not so much....

Hi Peeps,

I was supposed to run the nationals today. Unfortunately I didn't run. I raced in Loughborough yesterday and flew back last night. For those of you who know me well you know that I've had a back problem for years (I like to be dramatic and call it my broken back) I have an issue with one of my vertebrae. I don't see the point in going on about it because it's part of what you do in high performance sport you deal with injuries. I don't know any world class athlete that doesn't have some ongoing issues, I've learnt that the best people deal with what they have and I chose to look at all the good things that my body does do rather than focus on the odd bad things. Anyway I digress....

I got home last night and felt stiff and tired after two races on a cold, rainy day in loughborough. When I warmed up today I just wasn't feeling great. I was actually moving pretty fast but was stiff in a few places. This made me a little worried especially as my achilles and groin were both stiff. Sean was with me and decided if I was stiff running then it would be worse hurdling so off I went to see the physio. Paul is the physio and he has seen me many, many times. He had a good look and did loads of work (basically beat the crap out of me!!!). He reckons that my back had gotten quite tight, maybe from racing and a couple of hours later getting on a flight.

The plan is to take some anti-inflammateries, have a few ice baths and let everything settle. After I saw the physio I was feeling quite sad and upset at not running, I really do like to run nationals.

It's no major drama and I have a physio check up in the morning. The plan is to race next Saturday.

Thanks for reading,