Monday, November 26, 2012

I swear it's not my fault!

Ok so the blog title is a big fat lie. I have no-one else to blame for my lack of blogging but myself. I actually cannot believe it is November and I haven't written a blog in so long. If I was allowed to blame someone else I think it would most definitely be a guy called twitter. I've been doing the dirt on the blog with twitter. I finally got a personal twitter account and that has made me a lazy blogger. But I'm determined to change this! My twitter is @DervalORourke (how quirky of me!) just in case you fancy giving me a follow.

It is bang smack in the middle of winter training for me. Rather than moan about that I'll mention how I got here. After the Olympics I needed a change so rather than charge straight back into training I went to full time cookery school for a month. I love to cook and make a really big effort to cook tasty meals and snacks in a healthy way. A month in cookery school was a great way to indulge my love of food and a great chance to learn loads of new tricks. After the month there was an option to stay on full time for 3 months but to be honest that would have had an affect on my winter training. It was definitely with a heavy heart I left my lovely cookery school friends but I needed to get back to serious training.

After leaving cookery school I went to Atlanta for a 2 week training stint. One of my besties Karen Shinkins lives there with her husband and their 5 month old baby. I'm their little boys godmother so it was great to have an opportunity to train in the sunshine and spend some time with them. Paul, Karen's husband, has a great training facility over there which makes it a super place for me to go too.

I've been back in Dublin a few weeks now and I'm happy out training away. I'm always trying to keep up practicing loads of different bits of my cooking in my spare time. Our house is fairly busy at the moment as we are fostering a 12 week old puppy from the DSPCA. Her name is Chloe and she was rescued by the DSPCA. She is doing great and spending her time playing with our dog Berlino and napping.

Back soon, I promise!!!

Derv xoxo