Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 you are no fun!

Here we are in 2013 and I swear I approached it with pure positivity. But then the evil gods of sinus pain attacked me and now I'm in a world of negativity. Let me go back a couple of weeks first.

Right before Christmas I got sick. I picked up a sinus infection which in turn made my breathing bad (which is bad at at the best of times as I am asthmatic). I had to stay in bed and just try to get better for over a week. Then during Christmas I started to feel good again and resumed full training. Unfortunately two days ago I got a pain coming out through my face as if someone was in my face trying to hammer their way out. I couldn't decide if it was my sinus infection back or if maybe I was getting a really bad tooth ache. After trips to the doctor and the dentist it was decided that my sinus had flared up again. Now I am on a whole new antibiotic and in pain again. This was definitely not the plan for 2013.

I have had two reactions to this situation.

Reaction 1: To be completely rational and just accept that I'm sick. To do the things that will help me recover such as diet etc. It's just the way it goes and there are people out there who are 1 billion times worse off than I am. Really it is not the end of the world

Reaction 2: To cry uncontrollable and complain that life is completely unfair when all I want to do is train to get ready to race. To be certain that yes in fact it is the end of the world and my face will never ever (in a Taylor Swift sing song voice) feel good again.

Thats the update for 2013 so far. I do hope from here on out to be nothing but positive and full of joy in 2013.

Bye bye,