Friday, January 11, 2013

Slow and Steady wins the race

Hi All,

Feeling better...
When I last blogged I was still feeling quite bad and trying hard to get better. Thankfully I am starting to feel a bit better. I have finished my anti-biotics and I'm back to doing a little training. The plan is to take training each day as it comes and to start making decisions about indoor racing in the coming weeks. I need to feel 100% healthy before I can think about racing.

Week one of Cookery Class...
This week was the first week of the healthy cooking course at Dublin Cookery School. I was worried that I might not feel up too it but thankfully I was feeling ok and was able to be at the first evening. I really enjoyed the night and it was great to be back in the school cooking. Lynda Booth was doing the demonstrating of the recipes and I was chatting away about different ingredients and the types of food I like to eat. I like to eat healthy food but it needs to be tasty so the aim of the course is healthy and delicious recipes. I think we achieved that in the first week.

Recipe of the Week...
One of the recipes for the first week was spiced carrot and lentil soup with gremolata. On the night we decided to leave out the gremolata, if you are making this feel free to leave it in or out. I also changed the sunflower oil to olive oil. Here is a couple of pictures of the recipe. This recipe comes from the kitchen of Lynda Booth at Dublin Cookery School. Enjoy!
Derv x