Friday, February 22, 2013

Indoors Outings

I'm currently finding myself in the middle of an indoor season. To everyone this may seem perfectly normal but to me it is quite a pleasant surprise. For lots of reasons I didn't plan to do many indoor races. All of those reasons were bad ones, being sick and a little bit injured at times etc. But the lovely people who coach me kept the idea of running a few races on the table and we dealt with each training day as it happened. Some days great whilst others were very tough.

Eventually I found myself on the start line in the British indoor championships. I felt two things about this, one was excited because the whole point of training is to race and secondly a little bit worried at the unconventional way I had prepared to be there (I think about 4 hurdle sessions). I surprised myself a little and ran average to well. Then in the next few days I found myself in France and back in the U.K. All in all it was 5 races in 6 days with 6 flights lots of hotel rooms and lots of time on buses. The end result was enough to make the decision to participate in the European indoor championships.

I'm very excited about this. It feels like a big bonus for me. It feels great to have a chance to go to Gothenburg and put it all out there in a championship. I'm part of an Irish team that has huge medal chances. Brian Gregan is European number 1 as is Ciaran O'Lionaird plus double European cross country champion Fionnuala Britton is racing. I'm personally not going in there with a fast time or with my usual preparations but I'm going happy to run as hard as I can.

Fingers and toes crossed that the great city of Gothenburg is a good luck charm for Irish athletes in a weeks time.